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DXing with kSDR in PHL 16/10

Tuesday, October 17 2023

First notice that the previous log has been edited again for better reading


Main hit:
9215 / 9180 / 9280 /9300 + 9230 @0957 So Hope 0920 different from CNR hammeron  9155 9255 Sigal varies  with max at -80v dbm and compares with the -60dbm CNR hammers.
They   IDed on 10z as希望之声[shiwangzheshen]
Audio clip https://app.box.com/s/4td62sck66wi5ljrdyhxqm796n03bifr

7275 KBS in Korean 0915 with phone ins -55dbm
9445 VoK  0927 with a garbled sound inthe audio part seems  having  the Yemeni problem  . No audio probem  during the song on 0928  Signal -65dbm
9635 VoV  with talx in Vietnamese 0930 butwith low mod . A bit difficult to identify rthe language -70dbm
9730 Myanma radio 0944 with slow talx  inBamar by woman -85dbm
6780-6840  Contayner Signal as in Europe!1005
The same style of ‘hams’ of Indonesia happens also in Philipines The range isroughly he same covering 7-11.5 MHz a few ops below 7 MHz

Intestingx : 4880 4885 4890 Korean noise jammers against VoHope on 2116!Signalsof  -90dbm with 4885 on -75Nothing is heard except the jammers

this long https://wordpress.com/post/zliangaslogs.wordpress.com/1155

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