Hard-Core-DX.com: Myanmar - October 23

Myanmar - October 23

Tuesday, October 24 2023

Re Myanmar Radio – now on Tue Oct 24 at present:

MYANMAR MR signals on SW - Cross checked at 10.00 UT on remote SDR units
in Perseus and Kiwi worldwide net remotedly/locally in SouthEast Asia
near Delhi India and Siliguri at locator MK69KB close to Bangla Desh border
in eastern Himalaya.

5914.978 kHz from new capital May Pyi Daw transmitter
little fq oddity on lower side band, S=8 or –82dBm signal.
Pause music noted 09.58 til 10.01:16 UT, when female annmt presenter
joined the radio signal.

And 9729. 992 kHz Myanmar Radio program noted from old Yangoon capital site
S=8 at 10.11 UT noted in Delhi Perseus SDR unit. {not on 5985 kHz at this hour}

Thazin Radio not on 7345 kHz, totally empty channel around 10 UT.

also noted nearby on 31 mb

INDIA 9909.807 kHz AIR {sorry, forgot the new call A... sign word} via
Delhi Kingsway on Nepali service 09.00-10.30 UT,
S=9+30dB proper signal observed at 10.15 UT.

73 wb df5sx
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From: Ron Howard
Sent: Tuesday, October 24, 2023
Subject: Myanmar - October 23

MYANMAR. 5915, Myanmar Radio, Oct 23, first tuned in at 1010 UT (not // Myanmar Radio heard on 9730); later from 1207+
(not // Myanmar Radio heard on 5985) with two women chatting and one breaking into indigenous singing (no music). My audio
is at https://app.box.com/s/z7xxreioo7x5z6rlx23jb19bfjr5anhi .

5985, Myanmar Radio, 1225-1235 UT, Oct 23. Phone conversations and music; poor reception.
[their QSL - https://app.box.com/s/89drhpsd46369903xs2t ]

7345, Thazin Radio, 1046-1101 UT, Oct 23. Heard with weak signal; in the clear before CNR7 started at *1101, when the strong
signal from China (broadcasting from the capital of Inner Mongolia, in the north of the PRC [per Aoki]) blocked Thazin reception.

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