Hard-Core-DX.com: Information on Gual interference / update

Information on Gual interference / update

Sunday, November 26 2023

Hi dear Daniel,

GUAM Since a few days a technical incident between
IARU Bandwatch Intruder signal group in the 10.13 MHz
amateur radio range, and KTWR Merizo Guam US Pacific crew of
their 9.9 MHz (Thomcast - Ampegon ? ) outlets to Korea
and China audience at 320 degrees azimuth.

No intermodulation (!) issue between two KTWR outlets on
their nearby Guam TX antenna gear,

but a spurious (!) signal at approx. 224.5 kHz apart fq distance,
for example visible from KTWR Korean 9910 kHz broadcast
at 11-12 UTC on Sunday Nov 26th,
symmetrical lower band spurious signal at 9685.6 kHz
and upper band on 10134.7 kHz - approximate variable audio signal.

vy 73 de wolfie df5sx darc P11

From: Daniel Moeller - Intruder Monitoring DARC e.V. via INTRUDERALERT
Sent: Saturday, November 25, 2023 3:36 PM
To: Intruderalert IARU R1
Subject: [INTRUDER ALERT] Information on Gual interference / update

Dear colleagues,
We are now in close contact with the Federal Network Agency and
also directly with TWR. The technicians are taking care of the problem.
Let's hope they can solve the problem. It must be a problem in the
pre-stage of a TSW2250 transmitter. But they are still checking...

We will keep you posted.

vy73 from Berlin,

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