Hard-Core-DX.com: Glenn Hauser logs December 2-3, 2023

Glenn Hauser logs December 2-3, 2023

Sunday, December 03 2023

** ANTARCTICA. 15475.98 RCUSB, Sat Dec 2 at 1835, LRA36 is underway,
with music, S4/S6 into Argentine SDR; 1838 `Uniendo Voces` mostly
talk; 1852 ``Antártida`` song. Circa 1920, NO signal direct. 2052
music, 2102 ID; by 2157 I am getting trace of a signal direct. At 2300
much better S9 direct about same as intermittent line noise peaks,
lively music. Back to Arg remote at 0006 Dec 3, still on about meteo
conditions, S9 peaks. 0028 continues, weaker (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** BRAZIL [and non]. 11815, Dec 2 at 0747, R Brasil Central music but
considerable CCCCCCI, as CNR1 jamming is scheduled here until 0800
against RTI (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** INDONESIA. 7289.93, Dec 2 at 0810, tho I`d rather not be, finally I
am semi-awake late enough to try for RRI Nabire - and there it is! on
signature off-frequency, S4/S7 of music. Frequently reported by Ron
Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, including right now:

``INDONESIA. 7289.93, RRI Nabire Pro 1, from 0745 till suddenly cut
off in mid-song at 0820* UT, Dec 2. Seeing as Christianity is a major
religion in this area, they have already started playing some Xmas
songs ("Jingle Bells" and "Joy To The World"). My music audio is at
-`` https://app.box.com/s/1vumzt35he346hgkb4pbvyqbmss36b91
(Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** NORTH AMERICA. 6930 USB, Dec 2 at 2325 rock and DJ talk, S9+10.
Many reports at HFU say it`s WDOG. Some editors refuse to publish linx
to that: why?
(Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** TAIWAN [non]. 15320, Dec 2 at 0300 & 0325 recheck, zero signals
from RTI in English, or anything else, into KiwiSDRs in Indonesia,
Thailand, Vietnam. Despite s/off announcements on the only English
broadcast at 1600-1700 on 9405, well heard direct. Also, another
program schedule version via Alan Roe in Dec NASWA Journal shows the
mailbag, `Status Update` at 1645 not only Wed but also Tue, while
previous programming during those hours differs. I have not yet
confirmed whether it axually air on Tuesdays (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** TURKEY. 5960.005, Dec 2 at 2305, VOT again not off the air,
detectable direct, vs S9+40 noise level; R75 Noise Blanker helps.
UTwente next at 2344, multi-lingual ID filler reel, S9+20/30; s/off
and start IS at 2353.6, restart 2356 with German IDs. 0000 timesignal
and s/on as ``Die Stimme von Türkije`` - previously I heard them
omitting the ``von``; times, SW and satellite frequencies for midday
and evening broadcasts, not this extraneous one! Still on past 0028;
shall we expect Portuguese at 0100? (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 28265 CW, Dec 2 at 2315, DE K6SSB/B repeating. Not in WI5V
beacon roster on any frequency, and no beacon mentioned on his
QRZ.com: ``K6SSB USA flag USA, Matthew J Iaconis, 650 Ash Ct,
Brentwood, CA 94513, USA`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 2219 monitoring: confirmed UT
Saturday December 2 at 0130 on WRMI 5850, S7/9+10 into Maine SDR;
would surely be better closer to NW boresight from FL.

NOT confirmed Sat Dec 2 at 1630 on WRMI 15770, rather a gospel huxter
as now shown on the websked. This airing did not last long. May have
already been gone last Sat when not checked. Still shows WOR, Thu 1500
on 9955, which I thought was already canceled; check again?

Confirmed Saturday December 2 at 1700 on WRN North America stream.

Also confirmed Saturday December 2 at 2034 about 2 minutes into so
started circa 2032 on WA0RCR, 1860 AM, MO, VG S9+20 into nearby SDR;
also underway the 2030s on WRN N America webcast and RMI webcast only.

0100 UT Sunday WRMI 9955 to SSE [also web-, phonecast; jammed?]
0330vUT Sunday WA0RCR 1860-AM [nominal 0415; as late as 0600]
1130 UT Sunday WRMI 9955 [also webcast, phonecast; jammed by Cuba?]
2100 UT Sunday IRRS 1323 & 918? & 207?-Italy
0030 UT Monday WRMI 7780 to SW
0400vUT Monday WBCQ Area 51 6160v to WSW
0130 UT Tuesday WRMI 9395 to NNW
0330 UT Tuesday WRMI 7780 to SW
1400 UT Tuesday WRMI 9955 to SSE [also web-, phonecast; jammed?]
0030 UT Wednesday WRMI 9395 to NNW
1000 UT Wednesday Unique R, NSW 5035-USB
1030 UT Wednesday Unique R, NSW 5035-USB [previous #2218]
2200 UT Wednesday WBCQ 7490v to WSW or 5130v?
0130 UT Thursday WRMI 9395 to NNW
0130 UT Thursday WRMI 5010 to S
0230 UT Thursday WRMI 9395 to NNW

Thanks to Doug Brown, London ON, for a generous cheque on a US bank
Glenn Hauser, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702; and says ``Thanks for all
you do for this great hobby of ours``

Or one may contribute via PayPal, not necessarily in US funds, to
woradio at yahoo.com (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 5130+, Dec 2 at 0123 I happen to recheck `AAAWWW` on WBCQ
just as Allan is saying he doesn`t want to talk about the 7490V
transmitter problems, but they were caused by a ``vacuum capacitor the
size of a dill pickle`` - now we know! Also datestamp as Dec 1 so it
is a new show after some weeks off. As for the standard opening, I
can`t imagine any other SW personality always introduced as
``half-nekkid`` of even ``half-naked`` --- and BTW, *which* half?
oooh. Of course on an aural-only medium anyvoice could be fully naked
and we`d never know it if not mentioned (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 5085, Dec 2 at 0431, WTWW continues to blast in, S9+50 so
that modulation is also audible on much weaker spurs 5072.1 & 5097.9.
After another gospel huxter, ex-bishop Bob Biermann restarts ``weekend
edition`` of `Truth 2 Ponder`, explaining that he has been undergoing
treatment for bladder cancer the past year. More surgery is sked for
Tuesday, and he hopes to have enough shows recorded by then to last
thru his recovery. Then in January will be immunotherapy. Meanwhile he
``covets`` prayers - I guess in this case coveting is not sinful; anyhow I
wish him well.

5085, Dec 2 at 2317, WTWW blasting in S9+40 with preacher; I was about
to assume serious transmitter problems, breaking up and frequency
wobbling rapidly, until I realized the R75 noise blanker still
engaged, unable to cope with extremely strong signal (Glenn Hauser,

** U S A. 1630 kHz, Dec 2 at 0809 UT, KKGM Ft Worth TX with Black
Information Network promo and joint ID for 1630 & 970 in DFW. 970
would be KHVN, also licensed to Ft Worth, why both? For ancient radios
without X-band? No longer heavenly but keeping previous calls.
Radio-locator shows night coverage of 270-watt 970 from site just NE
of FW, ``local`` contour falls short of Dallas; unlike 1 kW 1630 which
from site further NE of FW halfway to Irving, exceeds almost to Balch
Springs, both ND. Studio address axually in Dallas (Glenn Hauser, OK,

This report dispatched at 0039 UT December 3