Hard-Core-DX.com: Local reception in Thessaloniki using SDRS 3/12

Local reception in Thessaloniki using SDRS 3/12

Tuesday, December 05 2023


11520 Erdogan 1515 over Denge with -67 dbm signal . denge is herdunder the Turkish signal although sometimes is also audible reception in THS after reinstalling antennas on1535 with someone singing w no music.. 

18515  TRT  1516 in Turkish with overloading audio.-48dbm signal
11830  ?? in an African language 1518 posHausa at -75dbm with talks  >>>VoA Hausa in eibi
9440 Cairo? Yes in Albanian with relatively good audio little overload with noFMIsh audio! Huge signal at -28 dbm  maxsignal Clocks at 1530
9835 Ashna   radio Farsi 1532  with news on Afghanistan and Talibans  . -54
12095  the new program for Ukraine 1535with talk in Ukrainian -65 low SNR (15 only ) Vsemirnaya Radioset as per eibi
And using the Youloop antenna , not fully rotated for the lowest noise
9560  CRI in Magyar  1907 talks about Confucius -77dbm /25 SNR
9715  religious person with related talks1926 of style god watches you >> bible voice as per eibi with -71svm27SNR
9620 AIR with -80dbm signal (poor AFAIK with talks in Arabic1929 with song byLata ) ID 1930 ye Akashvani he in Hindi then sitar IS
7215 Cri  using a weird type of audiowith more LSB width at 7 kHZ on LBS abd5 khz on USB! Cantonese program buttraditional theatric Chinese songs !

7385  CRI with R Aiyali with ID 1941  withwestern pop hits ful audio span is 2x12kHZ but still not heard as a could wait(the earphones are rather bassy Chinging to the other set the audio quality has been solved a bit!) Funny to that7395 with traditional music has better and sharper audio !

Zacharias Liangas

exMusic Producer Greek Music Refuge / Dangdut  and Beyond
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