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KCBS Pyongyang missing?

Sunday, December 10 2023

log at Hiroshima Akitakata SDR unit, 01.10 UT, Sunday Dec 10

12084.877 kHz S=9+5dB empty strong carrier, seemingly the
Voice of Mongolia Ulanbataar technican measured the
SW transmitter for regular service later the day ...
On either sideband some main power strings
of 100, 200, 300 and 400 Hertz BUZZ apart distance seen.

11680even KRE KCBS Pyongyang Korean sce,
S=9 in Jpn, 01.13 and 01.38 UT.
same program 6099.998 and probably 3958.982 kHz 01.20 UT.
9665 kHz empty channel, NOT ON AIR from KRE.

Different mx program from Pyongyang BSon
6160.003 kHz at 01.32 UT, S=9+25dB powerful signal,
likely newer Chinese 150 - 200 kW unit.

3205 DRM broadband digital block KCBS, daytime 90mb signal
of S=6, 01.40 UT.

3250even KRE S=6-7 fair signal KCBS at 01.43 UT,
6100 and 11680 kHz.

3920 empty channel, nothing heard at 01.45 UT.
Left this Hyesan channel in 2023 year ?

3979.023 oddity of probably? KCBS Chongjin site
fair signal at 01.47 UT.
73 wb df5sx

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From: DF5SX@darc.de

Sent: Saturday, December 09, 2023 2:08 PM
Subject: Re: [WOR] KCBS Pyongyang missing?

KOREA D.P.R. of On Sat Dec 09,
yes - Kanggye site - OFF AIR in past days,
deep cold winter main power shortage in KRE ??

also around 11 - 12 UT today,
nothing heard of Pyongyang Kanggye outlet KRE
on 9665 nor 11680 kHz.

But Voice of KRE/KOR in full power on air via 200 kW Kujang site.
73 wb df5sx

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From: Wolfgang Bueschel

Sent: Friday, December 08, 2023 10:26 PM
To: WOR@groups.io
Subject: Re: [WOR] KCBS Pyongyang missing?

7569.998 kHz 23.18 Dec 2nd KRE KCBS Korean Kujang, S=9+20dB in Hiroshima

9434.982 KRE Voice of Korea, Kujang, KCBS bad Korean audio quality feed
S=8-9 in Hiroshima and Tokya remotedly. Nov 21 – 23. 12.41 UT

11709.962 KRE Voice of Korea, Kujang, En, S=5 level Nov 22, 15.10 UT

From: Eric Fetters-Walp
Sent: Friday, December 08, 2023 9:19 PM

Subject: [WOR] KCBS Pyongyang missing?

Fall and winter mornings usually bring in plenty of Asian stations on
shortwave where I am near Seattle. Sometimes, I'll turn on KCBS Pyongyang
from Kanggye, North Korea, or Voice of Korea to hear their music, even if
it's often overmodulated. But in recent days, I haven't heard KCBS on 11680
or 9665. I thought at first it was due to poor conditions, but I can't even
see a carrier on those frequencies when checking SDRs in Eastern Asia.
Wondering if anyone else has noticed this.

Eric Fetters-Walp
Lake Stevens, Washington

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