Hard-Core-DX.com: After covid DX 17/12

After covid DX 17/12

Monday, December 18 2023

After leaving DX some time ago, I am now back after a week of being affected byCOVID-19 with temps up to 39.5 . Although the virus seems to be leaving me, I still experience occasionaltemperature peaks, reaching as high as 38.5°C late at nights. I am currentlytaking antibiotics.



Here are afew logs made yesterday  in bed withPL330 and the ca 20 m wire antenna
15570  CNR11  with Tibetan music at 04xx continued withtalk in Tibetan 35/10 max
7325  end of program music and sudden signoff 0500  >>> AWR  in French
15220   Akashvani  with hindi song stopped abruptly 0530 ID withAIR  continues with program  in Arabic 48/20
15265 R Saudi international with religious program in Indo 0536+  . QRM from 15260
15120 CRI 0539 with talks by OM
15105 Akashvani  with program in English0547 their English is  heard as gibberish
9895   Farda  with enthused talks in Farsi on 0558   and continuedpast 0600   Good signal
9440  Dardarsha talks in Arabic  and westernized Arabic songs 0610 with ID
9535 Ndarason with  talks in Kununura andhilife songs ID at 0624
9790  RFI with ID 0630  with news following 47/15
11520  Erdogan is alone here with patrioticsong  releted  to Azerbaijan 0636 Good signal
11540 denge gel is also alone in the freq with Kurdish song  good signal too57/20
11930 Romania  in English with news .program weekend review ID 0645  next programis world of culture
12035  (65/22)  and 12005 (57/20)  also with Farda . 12005  is heard better with more linear and slightlybassy audio
11860 Yemen 0658 head with both the multicarrier buzz sound and standard audiothough audio is fading. talks by YL and Arabic music Could not hear ID

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