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Radio Beacon BJ1SE

Tuesday, December 19 2023

Radio Beacon BJ1SE logged with weak CW bursts passing over the west of Douglas, MA from Chinese satellite XW2-D on 145.855 mhz. Supposedly radio amateur satellite XW2-d conducts atmospheric physics experiments. Probably would be louder when it passes directly overhead. My location is surrounded by 80 foot oak and pine trees so not very good for satellite reception. According to the N2YO satellite web site there are 1,918 objects in my sky right now . This logging was at (1217 UTC) on Dec. 19th using a Yaesu FT-847 and a 2M egg-beater antenna. The antenna does resemble on old fashioned egg-beater. XW2-D will be back over my sky at 1633 UTC this afternoon. Again, according to the N2YO web site, there are 28,420 objects in the total sky. Bill Smith
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