Hard-Core-DX.com: Kol Israel back to 1287 and 945 since 1/1

Kol Israel back to 1287 and 945 since 1/1

Wednesday, January 03 2024

CostaKonstantinidis from  Cyprus was the firstto report the news via a Facebook group about Israel returning of Jan 1stto the MW frequency of 1287Khz   I was possibly the second person to hear it on2050z Here is my  report from my web page
1287  Galei Zahal ISR ~2050 in the clear with -75dbmin canaries   In TWR Cyprus the signal is local -45dbm   (link to the blog)

The stationwas also heard on 2/1 at around 05xx with a signal of -45 on 1287.

Mwlist.org listed945 with 100KW while 1287  was listed with50 Kw . IN TWR CY the signal was the same -45dbm on 2/1 on 05z in both frequencies1287 has sharper sond

Later,around 10z, the signal strength decreased to -60 dbm

As oftoday, 3/1, the signal strength is -70 dbm on 1318z in both frequencies.  Nearly Same on levels on 1447

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