Hard-Core-DX.com: KOREA KBS English, to Asia at 10.00 UT, English sce.

KOREA KBS English, to Asia at 10.00 UT, English sce.

Thursday, January 04 2024

KOREA REP OF [South] KBS Seoul from Kimjae site
noted at news start 10.01:20 UT, Jan 04,

9570even kHz exact, noted in Akitakata Hiroshima and Tokyo JPN
remotedly S=9+5dB. News reader male announcer with US American accent.
Only S=8 signal fair, 10.12 UT at Edmonton-AB-CAN.

Some more Asian loggings remotedly in amateur radio KIWI net.

At KIWI Bandung INS
S=9+10dB -67dBm signal

at Kiwi Hanoi-VTN
S=9+5dB -70dBm signal

at KIWI Dimapur eastern India
S=9+5dB -70dBm signal

at KIWI Hong Kong CHN
S=8 -75dBm

at KIWI Bangalore IND
S=7 or -79dBm

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 04)

KOREA REP OF [South] PR Room -
*Correction* Shortwave Frequency & Time Change Notice, 2023-12-29

The previous notice on S/W frequency and time change is revised.
Please check the revised time below. The new frequency and time will be in
effect as of January 1, 2024. We thank you for your kind understanding and
look forward to listener feedback.

Current January 1st, 2024
9580 kHz 9570 kHz
02:00-03:00 UTC **10:00-11:00** UTC
Target Area
South America Southeast Asia

(KBS PR Room, Dec 29)

KOREA REP OF KBSWR new 11 UT on 9570 kHz no-show.

Checking up 31mb at 1100 UT on Jan. 1, 2024: new 1100 UT English broadcast
from KBS World Radio on 9570 kHz is not heard at all; in fact it could be
a QRM problem with KNLS-Alaska in Russian on same time/freq., and KNLS was
noted with IS, announcements in Russian, then Christian music at 1101 UT,
SIO 353. Heard on Grundig G5 with whip, and Chinese signals are found on
most 31mb channels.
(Joe Hanlon-NJ-USA, wor Jan 01)

Re: KBSWR new 11 UT on 9570 no-show.
According to their website, 9570 kHz is now at 1000-1100 UT, instead of
1100-1200 UT.
(Jean-Michel AUBIER-F, wor Jan 01)
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