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Logs 1/1 part 3

Sunday, January 07 2024

Vιa the canaries with 2 kiwis fully used by wsprdeαmon  again and one with 5 /8 channels occupied.. 080 m loop in use..6110  Fana? 1854  with talks between OM and YL  tehre is a tone that seems as clock and is heard every 2-3 minutes Cross checked with the two Cyrpiot kSDRs but the signal  there is undermod  no  Cri is starting a program on 19z with signal being stronger on Canaries starting with Russian program on 1858 !! ID in Russian on 1900 Also on 6110
5995  RTTV Malienne 0904  with traditional songs with metal phones and -45dbm signal Nice music
5925  IRIB in Albanian , 1911  with talks. I used to well know this lang.   Half citizen in Mt Olympus  are Albanians ,another very poor modulated signal -40dbm
7570  VoK   1920 is quite garbled but still audible Slightly better in SAM mode
7475 Vof Thailand 1923 with market opportunities on working in Thailad and Vietnam under auspices with UN ‘YOU re listening to RT news ‘ 1924 -45dbm
9875 VoK with the same problems with the 7570 1930  with program in English.  Rather aggressive talks on several counties SAM adds clarity and removes some annoying reception  -45 dbm too Lots of news feedsLogs continue tomorow Full listing https://zliangaslogs.wordpress.com/2024/01/02/local-1-1-24-in-6-parts/
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