Hard-Core-DX.com: Looking your responses 7-1:long list and news feeds

Looking your responses 7-1:long list and news feeds

Wednesday, January 10 2024


5955Radio veronica  with man talking  in Dutch IDIng 1124  and then with pop song -70dbm .



5980OZ Viola? With old songs 1124  withsignal -58dbm a jingle  intesting musicprogram with short talks by OM but there were two different IDs  olden oldies radio under he shwell of MIAmigo

5997  -65Hz  with old Dutch song  1157  Huild Mar NIet Om mij / Don't cry for me (NLlang ) the next is not recognized by Shazam Signal is -70 with nearlyoverloaded modulation

6085 MI amigo(? )  1212 with a pop song gonna make you offerJimmy Helms also noted after by Speaker and even “tough you re gone” byJacksons Signal -65 dbm

6070 there is no signalform R292 instead  theere is a mechanicalrepeating  signal poissibly MFSK   Just listen


6130Radio Europe with ID 1227 with mixed music styles . the opera Oddessy man banda crazy music -62dbm max

6150Europa 24 with national and international news on 1232 then with weatherinfo    in Germany , Austria and Suisse . ID  Europa 24,  song  “Ihave a friend” ,news then again a son 1238 with “loving you Minie Riperton”  nextsong  Here is the partial transcript ofthe news feeds:

South Korea's military, on the second day in arow, fired a laser shot at the North Korean military base. It was a 60-yardshot, and North Korea was shot five more times. The General Staff in Seoul wasinvolved. After that, they aimed again at the military buffer zone in theGyeseong Sea. South Korea's top command post advised the shot-down neighbors totighten tensions. And warned North Korea of further artillery fire in themaritime buffer zone. That's Germany weather. In the afternoon, there is a changeablecloud in most parts of the country, and sometimes sunshine. In the south,however, there is still snow or rain. This can usually be evaluated below thezero degree mark. The start of the new season remains cold tomorrow, sometimesminus 3 to minus 7 degrees during the day. But the change has clouded, andagain and again the sun comes through. That's Germany weather. But on Saturday,there is a setback. Sometimes snow falls due to falling temperatures, up tominus 3 degrees on Sunday. The start of the new week on Monday will be evencolder, up to minus 6 degrees on the day. This is possible when there is aslight snowfall. That's Switzerland weather. On Sunday, it gets cloudy andrainy or snowy everywhere. 2 degrees in the plus range is the absolute upperlimit of the freezing point. On Monday, there is a setback. Most of the nextdays, the temperatures will be in the minus range. And so far the reports, andthus back to the studio. Europa 24

 17530 Farda with an interview 1246  ,continues with more news passing 1246 sinal -65 in twente

17600  Ifrikya FM with interview till 1251 . Talks on Muslims . ID by YL on 1253 -70dbm meanlevel  the xcript/xlation was veryunsuccessful  


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