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kSDR: 23/1

Thursday, January 25 2024



25900 BBC today 23/1 has been heard in the kSDR in Salonica, TWR Cyprus , S Italy (unnoticed ), Brazilia  with marginal to verypoor signal and finally in Concord USA with -85dbm signal on 1602-1610
Finally head it again on 1757 in Concord with -65dbm with OM and YL discussingon Oscar nominations. In CY and GR  thesignals were still marginal
5945  TRT in German 1830  vai the kSDR in Thessaloniki with -75dbm  S9 but full noise , with news local and international. Transcript in Ge andEnglish  here for the day newsletter http://simp.ly/p/Bl3K59
1287 via TWR Cyprus with news on ToH 1900 then with a short pray program forthe dead people and a dedication from a soldier Transcript here  http://simp.ly/p/Bl3K59
The above transcript also rthe news  formthe R Iran international   5830 kHz on1930z
5990 DRM mode form ?? station . no info on eibi 2026  with afro music , then talkin frecnh lag , TDF? , Though signal is -60dbm it still have a lot receptionproblems and very poor audio quality . More than 30 db SNR via a SDR in the south of UK .
1557 Nashe Lenta 2027 with various news . reception via Tambov with a -75 signal read more :  

6050 ELWA   2032 with a religious programin English then song on 2034 stopped in sudden -58dbm signal but there is somenoise and  spurs  ID “E L W A “on 2035 then  airing songs while on  2055 carrier started from Xizang RTV This isthe second time logging them but again via remote receiver !!! Via canariesSDR.
Signal seems to be quite strong though not so high SNR (noise at -80C)with nearlylimited fading levels od 20 db  . What isthe transmitter power or EIRP ?

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