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Radio Progreso - Cuba

Thursday, February 01 2024

Febr 1st nigth
5024.994 kHz empty carrier S=9+15dB in AB-CAN province
at 01.42 UT, no programme modulated at this hour.
no RTTY signal QRM nearby v5022 kHz either.

4764.996 kHz S=9 -74dBm low modulation of RadioCuba ‘R Progreso’ music px
on this skip of Bauta or Bejucal towards Edmonton-AB-CAN,
notew some 120 Hertz main power whistle tone too, accompanied.

6000even RHC QUI English ‘next program coming week ...’, 01.50 UT,
S=9+30dB powerful, and 12000 kHz hx.

11760even CUB RHC Sp low modulated, but nice audio in clean matter tonigth,
S=9+10dB, ‘... de la noche ...’.

15230even CUB RHC Sp towards ARG / BRA SoAM, backlobe S=8 signal in AB-CAN,
at 02.27 UT.

73 wolfie df5sx
wwdxc topnews

WBCQ around 01.48 UT on 5130.325, 6159.934, 7489.963 kHz.

Ràdio Vot Missionaria Brazil, 5940.148, 9665.038, 11749.956 kHz 02.03 UT

Good night.

From: Tony Pavick
Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2024 10:17 PM
To: wor
Subject: [WOR] Radio Progreso - Cuba

Noted last night (PST) that Radio Progreso ran overtime on 4765. My experience has been that they are off at 0500 UT. I did a quick bandscan at 0505 and was surprised to find them still on until an abrupt and unceremonious cut at 0535. The time seemed to be music fill.

They would be a nice listen if audio and reception was better. Surprised to hear the number of American oldies they play at times as music fill

Tony Pavick
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