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kSDR logs: 6/2

Saturday, February 10 2024

via Cyprus, TWR
1458  R Romania acţualitati 1515 with man talking in Romanian, 1516 with pop song -95dbm YL noticing Bella Chao and San Remo, then with phone in
1502 E lkuran al Karim, Egypt, with man talking in Arabic 1520, mentioning also Ramadan (I think they have already run Ramadan for 1 week) 1523 with ID with ‘al kahira’  today 6/2 is Lailat al Miraj. Poor audio and a bit of dull translation http://simp.ly/p/Pnzgy3
585 poss S Arabia 1540 with talks. Read here: http://simp.ly/p/Pnzgy3.
603 RIK 3 1546, someone talking about blood donation and some story behind making this service available (83 dbm)
621?? with Russian-type songs 1550, "Tatshunda Shtasign faded out.
640 IDed on Sawti Safat on 1601 with a stable signal of -67 dbm, news time. In the Mwlist notes, Monte Carlo and Antony Blinken detail the Today link. Discussions after 1616 in Jordan
684 S Arabia? “Jedah FM," 1611, with nice, lively Arabic songs of the past: ‘ Notice: “Ala hawak” then songs with YL singer signal -83 ID on 1617 //702 marinal
729 Proto programa 1620 Athens, with news analysis” in light mode “about the farmers riot about the government -84dbm
774 NMA Al-Sharq al-Awsat, 1622, with a man talking in Arabic. Garbled audio, 1825 with song -86dbm, has some flutter.
1026 Tabriz, 1626, with talks in Azeri. The music of 1628 signal (-70 dbm) and 1633 seems still Azeri (1710+) with a child reading a story on a Stefan More on the linked file at the bottom.
1034 Jeddah FM ID 1634, Arabic songs, advertisements, or self-promotions. At least this station has the ossifications of Jil FM (85 dbm).
1468 Radio Riyad 1640 with two IDS and advertisements There is also a carrier at +400 Hz (-86 dbm).
1520 CRI 1642 in Russian via Hutubi, a place 50 km NW of Urumqi on the map 1646, a nice Chinese song with a 90 dbm signal
1530 R Constanca music 1650 with nice RNB style pop song ID 1653, then western song -80dbm signal, but very good reception (as S20). At first, I thought it came from VoA, but I was surprised to hear Constanta’s only 15 KW being heard there.
Greek pirates in 1610, 1622, 1635, 1650, 1660, 1670, and 1700

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