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SDR logs: 19/2

Monday, February 26 2024

Reception with RSP1a and the 10/15 antenna mix   19/2 SDR connect program
7265 CRI still mentioned this way , in Russian after the start of the  program on 17z . Signal -43dbm or S9+33 in THS .  Also on 7410
7255 CGTN in English with news and reports 1710  YL correcting the OM in an addressing -49dbm S9+23 max 15kHZ wide
7240 Xizang RTV  1712  with nice orchestral music -65dbm
7300  program in Arabic -52dbm S20+ ID on 1730 mixed with Chinese music
7505  Farda  stopped abruptly on 1728 with Persian  music
6110  Fana heard via Cyprus with very poor signal  on 1740
11750 SLBC  in Sinhalese with man talking then with a song. -63dbm in Thesaloniki  , -70dbm in TWR #2
Cyprus and very clear
11870 AWR in Oromo with -37dbm signal around 45 db SNR Also 11905 VoA in Somali -40  or 50db SNR  the strongest in the band with HoA songs
12030  Arabic music  REE in Russian ID and talking in Spanish
11800  ΝΗΚ  in Japanese 1810 with max signal at -53 dbm and  ore than 45 dbm SNR Also on Cyprus -57 but much
11820` Yemen radio Sanaa cant be heard in THS . Instead  I can be heard well via TWR kSDR in Cyprus with-90dbm signal  ,Moved when? Typical audio and spectrum signal as before with some modulation under the ‘comb type’   signal hat seems as a CIS 12 signal.
11830 BBC in Tigre with  language program on 1825  Local at -60 but in Cyprus  it is  noise free get up at 9 o clock
9620 Akashvani 1904  with old songs of the 70s  Audio is ±5 kHZ only , a bit overloaded audio -55dbm signal with 16 db RMS as show n (not the actual pf )

1431  with a greek pirate on 1803

Zacharias Liangas
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exMusic Producer Greek Music Refuge / Dangdut  and Beyond
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