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SDR logs : 21/2

Monday, March 04 2024

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Local reception Using RSP1a and the 15/10 m antenna set with balun
17490 CGTN 1107 with news on 1100 -62dbm but highly noisy
11570  CRI in Czech  1110 with international news -55 dbm
11520 Erdogan station with -65dbm signal against Gel ? but herd in the clear with fast fading  nose level in -90dbm
12005  Farda  with lively  Persian samrah on 1115
15630 V Iran just marginal in results but -70dbm signal over -100 noise
15640 R liberty at -90 is only depicted in the analyzer
15770 ditto as 15640 . signal maximum -95
15180  CRI in ?? with nice lively traditional songs -58db ,pre 12 with  Bulgarian service , continues with Serbian starting with the good night message then continues with orchestral music


Zacharias Liangas
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