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SDR logs :23/2

Tuesday, March 05 2024

with RSP1a and the 15/10 balun LOCALLY in the centre of the city
there are many more logs in ,my page / Please click on the above link to find them !

15565 station in Amharic with -55 dbm with religious talks. All of a sudden, the siGnal lowered into dust.
15310 Bible Voice 1600 signal (-53 sbm) around 30 SNR with ID in English and 2×5500 Hz audio. Program in English and Amharic with lessons in English language on weather using British pronunciation (2×6 kHz wide). a funny song, ‘What’s the weather?
15275-1603 in Amharic: -55 dbm, 26 SNR, as shown in the readout DW with ID 1611
15290 Kontayner 1604, 19.4 kHz wide and -75 shown signal Three was on 15260 but left the band on 1605?
15265 in Hindi >>AWR in Urdu noted on eibi
15445 program in Arabic with joyful talks off 1615
15480 and 490 with 490 left 1616 15480 with very low modulation and Arabic program -55dbm, 25db SNR >>IRIB Arabic. Sudden fadeouts to 30 dB down
11540 Erdoğan today 1630 with -67dbm and 10 SNR
11550 is 11510 with ½ sec ahead, 1631 with news, referring to several counties in the region Abt-64 dbm.
11645 VoK 1639, with typical NK orchestral music and in-between talks in English. The funny thing is that the upper side has higher modulation. -67dbm
11710 Heard VoK 1639 for a very short time with a marginal signal around max -90dbm with their typical orchestral songs.
11815 VoT 1642 with Turkish song of a big orchestra, next song, then with OM singing -65dbm
11955 AWR in Tigre, 1647, with a man talking irreligious themes, mentioning Sabat, Jesus, etc. 2×5950 Hz wide, good audio, -38dbm max Strongest in the band Also on 12040 -40dbm
11975 Arabic, 1650, with a man talking and mixing with Arabic music.
12030 REE -75dbm 1655 with fast talks, news?
940 CNR13 1702 with ID as (merkiz helk radio stanzieshen as) in the ID w, then with talks -54dbm 7 RMS only
9540.1 IBRA at -70 signal but nothing heard Just a carrier on the screen 1706
9595 with ID in various languages on 1711 and the -37 signal. It seems to be in Tajik or something similar (Uzbek?). strong fade on 1716, when ID caroussel started again.
9630 CNR, 1719 airing soft ballad songs (45 dbm, 18 SNR)
9800 IRIB in Turkish, as noted in Eibi: 47 dbm carrier, 22 db SNR, but very low audio at 1727
9820 VoA with Kurdish program 1728 has 2×4.7kHz wide audio and talks btw OM and YL.
9910 Farda with ID 1731 with news ad: 51 dbm 10 db SNR
9990 RFA 1732 in Korean: 55 dbm <10 db SNR

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