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kSDR LOGS : 5/3 (exceptionally for now !)

Wednesday, March 06 2024

Once again with the kSDR of TWR via Cyprus with -55 dbm signal reception . Crystal clear audio from Galei Zahal 1287kh on 1647z  with phone ins and 2×5-6kHz wide audio depending the person  I kept with some transcription s which are shown in the page at : http://simp.ly/p/H7rmsW
The include two phone ins on the 1645-55 and the news on 17z
558  one of the many outlets from IRIB heard on 1710 well  with -70dbm , majy talks , Seem that also RNE is  heard that time and possibly a station in English (??) 1713  Persian pop music  also another with Koran sermons on 1714  (Algerie )
585 Radio Riyadh 1716  with their typical Arabic belly dance songs  of the 70s //945  under Galei Zahal  I  stood out of my chair with the BT Headphones and danced!  1720 some applauds after the song  Clear ID Ida?t Adverts  and on Ramadan Ridah 1722  back to songs   Program 1 wahid    BTW our Mardi Graz is in 7/3
594  Arabic station poss1725 from Makkah with Al Koranic sermons Allahu akbar The other two parallels were too poor to be heard  (?)
630    RRROm Timisoara  1730with classical music with piano with -75 dbm signal   Fue Elise part ID  Contemplaţii Simfonice ID in English -70dbm    , quite sharp audio. RNE Under  them
684  Jedda FM ID by the female speaker 1740  wo continues with talks and discusses with someone called Jemileh that turned into a humorous discussion -71dbm  with carrier in 686
855  R Romania with heavy mental song on 1755 while signal is -65dbm
963  RIK  in Cypriot Greek 1758 has QRM from Tunis , a theme in a  novel made as  movie (on Virginia Wolf ) -65 dbm The program passed 18z with no ID or anything other. Ended 1803 with rock  song “Logo in hertzians” (literature in  radio)
954  pirate form Greece 1809 at -90dbm with old folk songs of 60-70s
1395 R Japan  via Gavar Yerevan 1818 heard  lessons of Japanese in Farsi   “Hajime mashite anna de”  -76dbm
1413 Veste via MOL 1819  someone talking in Russian  9 mins part in the above link same time mayak with Jazz song

9890  VoK is in is worst with bad audio plus QRM sometimes itid QRMed from CNR13 Uighur 1752   the VoK transmitter has some faults   
9620 Akashvani  with Arabic songs  o 1914 -60dbm 

And in San Bernardo 15415 R.Clube 1 Riberão Preto  with :Radio de Brazil  “ on 1925 with adverts then with nice guitar driven songs of the past
15476  nothing for that time from LRA 36
15160  Ifrikrya FM 1937 with semi HoA  songs -70dbm ID on 1942 tested also from the Hungary kSDR near Budapest
9819 R 9 of July 1940 BR -75 dbm with highly fading signal  (30db level) with 2×10 kHz wide audio  full of songs  and people applauds  good music.
5940  V Missionaria  1955 -80ddbm  has a spur on 5843.1 at -95dbm Also on 6037.05 with lower signal

Zacharias Liangas
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