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kSDR logs :24/2

Thursday, March 07 2024

via twente most receptions were made with 9+ kHz wide filter for a near Hifi experience
6060 Casanova? 0755  with old Dutch  songs , man with a harsh voice talking in the mic signal -62 in the twente slow fading 0757  changing to  typical American pop songs of the 80s . Near HIfi audio quality Songs referring to radio ..
6030 R Marti 0758 with several ID s  -72dbm
6085  R MI amigo 0801n the USA old rock song   -62 talks in french and ID Mi amigo . continues with a French song . the synch of the twente causes some SAH
6005 Hmm?  09+ with DRM signal of -40dbm >> TDF the signal is very good and there are no …outs Sound quality – on what was advertised- is the worst anyone can think as like a telephonic call of the past.. Only one service on he 4 ch matrix with only 8 kbps stream
5970 Radio 208 0814 in eibi  with rock songs of 80s and -72 dbm fading signal
5955 Veronica? In eibi also with old rocks  and Debbie Harry;es most known pop song and good audio QSb between -80and -60dbm with 10 db dispersal ID R veronica by man . Short talk aon Biden .  
5835  ?? YL talking on bible WWCR2 noted in twente ‘s tag and in eibi -70dbm
5930  WMR with its typical Cafroribbean music -65dbm
5880 someone with rock songs  and around ±10 kHz wide audio song “too late”the next with next song started  immediately -77dbm Relatively smooth fading curve
6130 R Europe  with many IDs on 0832  -62dbm signal
6150 Europa24  with weather info . ID on 0834 then back to the music  fading with peaks on -60dbm but falls to -80 as in like bell-shaped curve
7355& 7435 Marti in Spanish in synch 0838
7365 HCJB with religious program in Russian with signal to –70dbm several note to Jesus.
7652u  talks by two  OM in  Dutch
9670  R292 with ?? , rock music , overloaded sound
9635  Mali 0845  with tribal music -95dbm quite poor . ID 0846 with MHZ  etc
9685 Cross strait radio CNR5 with songs . -90dbm signal p 0850
15160  Ifikriya FM  with lively Afro songs -60dbm man talking in French , motioning There is some co Ch QRM  coming from KBS via ME this is the reason to go to 17600! Signal is -65  with high modulation , nearly  over modulated and sharper audio!

Zacharias Liangas
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