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kSDR logs : 28/2

Friday, March 08 2024

28/2  a day via PHL kSDR
3325  VoInsia 1315  with program in English -61btu with much if noise. SDR in PHL seems to be on 4750  but tere is much noise  killing signal
No signal from WRT Sarawak  1166 5 is heard ok  with  pop songs 1324  and -60dbm  ±10 dbm
11620 AWR Indonesia  1327 with station info -55dbm max S off ab return after 5 seconds the next program is in UA as noted in eibi (Uab meto noted in readme file  )
11610   CRI  in Bangla 1335  with songs and short descriptions by YL -70dbm
11675  VoA with talks in Khmer  many IDs -61dbm
11795  RFA 1344 in Bamar with talks music seems as religious Hindi
11805 CRI I n Indonesian 1347  with lessons of Chinese -62dbm with QRM frm Akashvani Also 11955
11815   R Japan /NHK 135 in Japanese with talks and some traditional music under -60dbm
12015  Mongol inner program 1400 with ID and program  in slow Chinese -60dbm
7220 Cri I Nepali  1436  with many ID -57dbm

Zacharias Liangas
PL330 + ext antennas/ RSP1a/SpyHF+D
exMusic Producer Greek Music Refuge / Dangdut  and Beyond
https://youtu.be/8VJ__oppkLs the pool
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