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kSDR logs : 29/2

Sunday, March 10 2024

6130 radio Europe via canaries 0630 with ID dance music -65 dbm
6115  no Congo in the morning 06336? Or nor prop that time?
5920 seems as Spanish , -80dbm and less 0636 checked with web SDR  and the lang is Deutcsh …(HCJIB)
5910   Alcavalan old LA music as like Cuban -75±+12dbm on 0642 short announcements in between every two songs Long ID at the top of the hour plus sone commercials
5955 Veronica 0702  with talks  (adverts) in NL  -75 dbm // websdr
5995  Mali local (-55dbm )as usual  with news on French 0707  14 min part of the news http://simp.ly/p/jkB3dk ; in French only
9665 And tenor woman 0925 seems as  like shooting vey high , funny song -55±10db Song seems religious Man talking in Brazuguese > Therefor e Voz  Missionaria 
9870 KBS  0730 with talks discussion in Korean -50dbm  Read in the above link
9955 WRMI with funny acapella songs /sermons sung by a group of men TOM program as noted by the well known priest 0744 then
10000 WWhat 09  shift up -shift downs YL then OM 
11525  Gel  with typical Kurdish folk songs  BTW Erdogan /TRT is on 11530 with their typical march songs Noth are with -60dbm with Erdogan  having higher fading 11530 has some QRM form a radar in 08z
11665 WAii FM (yes ) 0804  wit lively music YL talking after .Discussions  with another YL -85  and some QRM form 11660 and 11670

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