Hard-Core-DX.com: New R Marti broadcast to Ukraine in Spanish

New R Marti broadcast to Ukraine in Spanish

Wednesday, March 13 2024

** U S A. 17680, after yesterday`s surprise appearance of R. Martí at
1939, checking earlier in the day March 12, not on before 1700, but on
by 1744 recheck, probably from 1700, VG S9+15/25 signal into UTwente.
It`s Spanish but all about Ukrussia rather than Cuba, first playing
satirical folk?song in Ukrainian or Russian with Putin in the lyrix.
1746 RM 1180 ID. 1747 phone interview about topic A. 1755 VOA sounder
and USG editorial, in Spanish, about you-know-what. 1800 contact info
on social nets, email, and `Abriendo Espacios` show opening, half an
hour about ``Cuban women`` but also really about Ukrussia, and lasts
until 1842 IDs again. UTwente is getting nothing but carriers at best
from 11860, 11930, 13820, as to be expected aimed at Cuba; checking
Maryland remote, again totally non-// programming to 17680.

Meanwhile a source at Grimesland says it`s a new service to reach
Cubans fighting for Russia in Ukraine -- volunteers, or convicts? --
as if they had time or inclination to listen to RM! 250 kW at 45
degrees. Further listening to 17680 is nothing but topic-A in Spanish.
1849 repeating the VOA editorial. Interviewing native-Spanish speaking
Ukrainians, 1857 a profesora Tatiana in Odesa; 2030 Anastasia Schmidt?
from Mikolaiv, with some accent. At 1856 had mentioned podcasts, and
that may be source of this audio, accounting for no breaks at
top-of-hours as to be expected on a `live` broadcast. Would not be
surprised at considerable repetition from hour to hour or day to day,
but would have to listen a lot more to determine that. 2034 a very
dramatic poem with music. 2036 discusses pronunciation of names
correctly in Ukrainian versions rather than Russian. 2043 the stirring
Ukrainian national anthem, not in Spanish. 2045 interview of Russlan
-- enumerating Russian losses in the war. 2100 VOA Yankee Doodle Dandy
s/ON, played twice, by mistake, pause, then 2102 VOA YDD s/OFF and
off*. So 17-21 UT daily? Or temporarily (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

In case you haven`t seen it, my original report about this yesterday:

** U S A. 17680, March 11 at 1939, S9+20/25 surprise signal in
Spanish, nothing in latest HFCC March 8. I was seeking some music to
nap by, maybe 17600 Algeria, till I hit this; medical discussion, then
1942, about IWD and Ukraine with a song, apparent program title
`Abriendo Espacios`. What could this be. Unsounds like RHC which
presumably supports Putin but no //s on to check, not even 15140
English. Not // Spain on 17715. VOA? Deleted SW Spanish years ago. Not
// R. Martí 13820, 11930, 11860 --- BUT at 1947 ID as ``Martinoticias
AM 1180 y onda corta``. So it is Grimesland! I recheck on another
receiver the lower Martí frequencies and they are // each other but
NOT this, altho subject is also Ukraine. Maybe same but far out of
synch, not merely a few seconds. How could that happen? 17680 off
before next check 2201. Maybe a test. If permanentized could obscure
NZ 17675, not even noticed today. Also, I occasionally check 35790 for
3 x 11930 which made it to Alberta, but mostly not even a JBA carrier
(Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)