Hard-Core-DX.com: Glenn Hauser logs March 16, 2024

Glenn Hauser logs March 16, 2024

Sunday, March 17 2024

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MALI Yes both heard recently these days again,
on 5995even kHz mornings
and this afternoon on 9635even exact signal of
RTVM Bamako bcast center 1.

9635even kHz MLI Bamako I sw site,
like greyline path from Mali to Doha Qatar SDR remotedly,
S=6 fair -90.8 dBm signal at 14.33 UT on March 17,

but tiny S=4-5 or -96.9 dBm here in southern Germany or Switzerland
remotedly at 14.45 UT.

Excellent Chinese national transmitter engineers at Bamako-MLI
and P.R. help-funds hold/keep their transmitter and antenna hardware
on excellent level,
same happened in Cerrik Albania on China's European SW relay site
a decade ago ...

TURKEY 9505.005 kHz VoTurkey Emirler in Kazakh service, bad audio

but S=9+30dB powerhouse signal at 14.48 UT here in southern Germany.

9410.009 kHz Voice of Turkey Emirler in Russian, S=9+20dB at 14.50 UT,
suddenly much early at 14.52 UT on Sunday March 17.

73 wolfie df5sx

MALI. 5995, March 16 at 0644, still noise blob, no program audio
from presumed ORTM. Has anyone heard same or anything at all, on day
frequency 9635? At 1640 no signal into UTwente. Nominal span was
08-18, then back to 5995. Also on 9635 meanwhile: Vietnam, CNR1
jamming, Sound of Hope (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

TURKEY. 5960.005, Sat March 16 at 2259, VOT comes on just in time
for 2300 English sign-on for the 1330 broadcast only, mixing with
timesignal from XJRTV understation on earlier than usual *2311v.
S9+40/45 into UTwente which displays a smidgin below 5960.000 which
must have been XJ, as above +5v Hz once I refresh it. News first and
mostly about Gaza. 2310.5 `The Energy Agenda` on T`s strategic
location for natural gas pipelines. 2318 song. 2327 `T`s Geomarked
[sic] Products`, recipe for a dessert made with cheese, sherbet/syrup,
temp 350 C -- really?! = 662 F. 2329 song, 2332 another song. 2337
another2 song... If it runover past 2400 that will be in my next
report (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

This report dispatched at 2346 UT March 16
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