Hard-Core-DX.com: SWB issue 2050 now available for download

SWB issue 2050 now available for download

Tuesday, March 19 2024

Highlights from this issue:
- QSL information and SW-logs.
- Distribution changes of SWB
- [WOR] 250-page ebook from IMER, Mexico
- [WOR] Canadian Int. DX Club's March 2024 Messenger bulletin
- [WOR] [shortwavesites] The SW station in Adra, Syria Part I + II
- The Broadcasting Service of the Syrian Arab Republic
- [WOR] Errors in AER DX report
- [WOR] 100 years of radio in Africa: from propaganda to people's power
- [nordx] ELWA has fought tenaciously for its existence
- The BBC A People's History
- [A-DX] Empfangsloop aus UK
- [WOR] Fw: [bdxc-news] Hans Knot International Radio Report - Spring 2024
- [WOR] Rules of the SWL Contest 2024 june, July, august 2024
- [cougar] JAGUAR KIT V2.0
- [cougar] 2 x PERSEUS on one PC
- Radio Caroline story
- DX-Nostalgia by Ronny Forslund