Hard-Core-DX.com: Myanmar Radio now on 5919.0 kHz.

Myanmar Radio now on 5919.0 kHz.

Friday, March 22 2024

MYANMAR 5914.977 kHz measured at 00.28 UT on March 22, noted
Nay Pyi Daw new capital SW site signal
in Doha Qatar Perseus SDR unit installation,
S=7-8 fair signal, Burmese music/singer,

but different Myanmar Radio program on
5985even kHz S=9+10dB stronger signal from
Yangoon / Yegu site, at 00.32 UT on March 22.
73 wolfie df5sx
wwdxc germany

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From: Wolfgang Bueschel

Sent: Sunday, January 14, 2024 12:55 AM
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Subject: Re: [HCDX] Myanmar Radio now on 5919.0 kHz.

MYANMAR 1000 Hertz test tone before daily MR start
heard continously on
5914.979 kHz
when tuned-in at 23.09 UT, heard still to
23.25:10 UTC test tone stop,
then at
23.30:03 UT program start of MR, after short mx piece heard,
followed by long pray of Buddist monks, all these heard on

MW 576 kHz Yangon site, and much stronger of 594 kHz
from Nay Phi Taw transmitter site
and also 5985even kHz from Yangon SW site.

But Nay Phi Taw 5914.979 kHz played separate program of music.

S=9+10dB signal in Hiroshima Akitakata Perseus SDR unit,
and S=8-9 signal on nearby skip at Dimapur, far eastern India,
remotedly KIWI SDR net unit via URL

73 wb df5sx

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From: DF5SX@darc.de

Sent: Saturday, January 13, 2024 1:25 PM
Subject: Re: [HCDX] Myanmar Radio now on 5919.0 kHz.

yes Zach,

5919even S=5 or –98dBm in Hiroshima Japan remotedly.
Some 4.1v kHz above fqy their usual Nay Phi Taw transmitter settlement.

also MMRadio on 5985 kHz even signal from Yegu Yangon site at 11.50 UT Jan
73 wb df5sx

From: Zach Liang
Sent: Saturday, January 13, 2024
Subject: Myanmar Radio now on 5919.0 kHz.

Right now via siliguri kSDR with rock song thenwith talks by YL about the
cash and monetary talks continues with something that seems a story abt a
woman 1214 with music

Στις Σάβ 13 Ιαν 2024 στις 11:44 π.μ., ο/η Ron Howard
<ron888howard@gmail.com> έγραψε:

- - - Thanks very much to Rob Wagner (Australia) for his excellent input
today regarding the unique situation with Myanmar Radio xmtr's. Ron

"A Further Update:
So, today, January 13, I noted it back on 5915v at 0120 via the excellent
LA6LU Kiwi SDR in Thailand! Later, heard 5915 sign
off at 0530 UTC (12:00 noon Myanmar time). Then I noted it on again just
prior to 0700 (don’t know when it actually signed on),
reverting to 5919 kHz! Which I guess we can assume will remain for the
rest of the evening. All a bit weird!


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