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Two long logs

Saturday, March 23 2024

On 19/3 I have used my smartphone connected via Bluetooth with a externalspeaker and listened  to Halei Zahal on1287  and time 1430 for more than 30 minuteswith dreaming like Hebrew music , most of them were ezl as like lullabies inmy  ears! Ended on 1455 when OM and YMstarted with poss news. Reception via TWR Cyprus Heard also the program viaradio Garden for less clear sound!! It also good for anyone to test Xinjiang stations online with thei distinctivemusic in the clear!


15770  today 0*40+ R Ukraine? Via WRMI  with program in Russian talking onAzerbaijian  and Russian hearing longtalks till the ToH. Didn’t note the time but I assume  ToH was 0500. ID OnToH  Good signal in he clear ,limitedQRN  program continued with Suprememaster TV with ID in various langs.   Eibi shows R Liberty.
15630 R  Iran International immediatelyafter  with longs  talks in Farsi . herd dor around 20 minutes  with Good signal

 9635 RTMali 0843 with talks by OM inmostly French. It is now sure that ai is totally returned back… via canaries -60dbm
9395 via WRMI  ID :….without borders“  program,  0844 in spanish ended on 0848 returning toEnglish with supreme master  YVagain 

Zacharias Liangas
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