Hard-Core-DX.com: SWB issue 2051 now available for download

SWB issue 2051 now available for download

Sunday, March 31 2024

Highlights from this issue:
- QSL information and SW-logs.
- [WOR] 40 years of amateur radio in space, Amateur Radio Newsline 
- Domestic Broadcasting Survey by Anker Petersen
- [WOR] Viewfinder, America?s Last Morse-Code Station , March 2, 2024
- International Marconi Day 2024
- Avast and CCleaner no longer work. The developer has banned the launch of
its products in the Russian Federation. RUS-DX
- From the series "Now Live with It." RUS-DX
- [WOR] Willis Conover doing Jazz on VOA
- IKOS IMPULSE - 3D-Phasenschieber für ein besseres Audioerlebnis A-DX
- Das Grosse Buch zu SDRsharp v5.5 A-DX Fernempfang
- Bob Heil: 50 Years of Maximum Rock n? Roll. SWLing Post
- [WOR] WORLD OF RADIO PODCAST ON YOUTUBE, replacing Google Podcast
- [WOR] Severe Geomagnetic Storm - The Strongest in years
- [WOR] Tony Rogers` DX Guides taking a short break
- Hyperflex 5 Crystal Koaxkabel. A-DX Fernempfang
- [WOR] File /WES April.pdf uploaded
- [Perseus-SDR] File /Dual Bias Tee for Perseus 22.pdf
- WPAS-Frequenzliste. Patrick Robic A-DX Fernempfang
- DX-Nostalgia by Ronny Forslund