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kSDR : Logs 7.4

Monday, April 08 2024

7/4  7290 Nabireis not on the band on 0621 Nor on 0701 There is a ham operator on 7295 whocontinuously talks in this freq passing 0730 and QRMIng Nabire , Checked 0738z with-95dbm on Hunter valley withsignal below  -90 and heard with varietyprogram and lots of music HV kSDR   is  the best among others in the region. . Thougheibi shows 06-09 as transmitting times I really wish to know the real times. Isti now 0730-09xx now ?
7260  with a woman talking in Englishwith info program 0630 ID r Vanuatu . OF from Uni ?? with talks mainly inEnglish -86  and temperatures of theregion
7205 TDF DRM with no audio program 0737 ,just data Signal -73 dbm
Via Cyprus : 963  is off . instead on 6/4Kuwait was heard in Hindi

891 Turkish program  >> mwlistwith TRT 1 Antalya  -63 dbm , 280kmfar 0713 News on 0713 partial news here mostly referred on the city http://simp.ly/p/FRr7jF ; 0722 back to songs I m think that this is apopaganda station towards Cypriots

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