Hard-Core-DX.com: Assunto: Radio Grande CHL or Compania

Assunto: Radio Grande CHL or Compania

Wednesday, July 10 2024

Hi Zacharias 
It's Radio Compañía Worldwide relaying the station you heard the ID. They usually relays some stations. 6925 have 40W and 7535 have 100W
73 Lucio  

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Em qua, 10 10e jul 10e 2024 às 16:12, Zacharias Liangas via Hard-Core-DX<hard-core-dx@hard-core-dx.com> escreveu:
Radio  Grande CHL on 7535 and 6925 ...

This stationhas been heard only on CORAL kSDR.  it was a nice opportunity to be incamper mode [or follower to the main listener to a max of 2 users out of 4 ]after someone from ARG did the reception  .  The signal was around -85 and 75 dbm maxrespectively,  He was listening first on 6925 on 2225+ till ~2230 and then changed to 7535 .  The first ID as Radio  Grande was heard around  2220 and the second around  2240 when 6925 started fading out.  
Only talks , mostly political and lots of adverts.


This is the inline recording with the Q3 It is 17 min long with less than 5fist minutes on 6925 , 15 minutes on 7535  and some little on back 6295 asper kiwi users activities . I followed his actions as he kSDr was use limitedto only 2 !
Eibi  IDs this station as  RCW Compañía Worldwide

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