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  Radio Yura, "La Voz de los Ayllus", 4717v  DX news
In Shortwave Bulletin June 18, 2000, courtesy of Thomas Nilsson and a HCDX partner, a report by Rolf Wikström says that he has had a letter of verification from Rolando Cueto, "periodista" (journalist), and founder of Radio Yura, "La Voz de los Ayllus", running 1 kW on 4715 kHz.
In Rolf´s QSL-letter, the meaning of Ayllu is explained in Spanish. In plain English, and quoting an appropriate country study - that of Peru - published by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress,
it says:
Ayllu, a self-governing and land-owning peasant communtiy in the Andean highlands. May refer to either a village, a kinship group, or a class-like organization, usually based on collective agriculture. Although a pre-Columbian term, ayllu has been used as a synonym for contemporary highland Peasant Communities.
Henrik Klemetz, hcdx list, June 18, 2000

Closing ID
Closing announcement on July 3, 2000:
"A esta hora Radio Emisora Mallku cierra sus emisiones con la firme promesa de volver dentro de algunas horas. Radio Mallku operó en los 4.795 kilociclos, banda tropical de 60 metros, onda corta. Muchas gracias por su preferencia".
Henrik Klemetz, hcdx list, July 5, 2000

Text in QSL letter of June, 2000
V/s Rolando Cueto, periodista, wrote this about Radio Yura:
Hace 5 años elaboré un proyecto de financiamiento para la instalación y funcionamiento de una emisora de radio en la localidad de Yura, de la provincia Antonio Quijarro del Departamento de Potosí, República de Bolivia.
Este financiamiento fue conseguido e instalamos una emisora de radio en Amplitud Modulada (Onda Media) con una potencia de 2,5 Kw. Transmitía en 1.200 Khz.
Pasados los años, el equipo se desgastó y tuvimos que reemplazarlo con uno de onda corta de 1 Kw de potencia en la frecuencia de 4.715 Khz, banda internacional de 60 metros. Este equipo fue instalado recién este año a finales del mes de marzo.
La cultura andina de Bolivia ha sido objeto de desprecio por parte de los españoles que colonizaron America desde 1492. Esta cultura prácticamente ha desaparecido en algunas comunidades del altiplano boliviano, pero aparece casi intacta en la región de Yura.
En esta región predomina la forma organizativa que se llama AYLLU. La radioemisora YURA está a cargo de los indígenas del AYLLU YURA que hablan también el segundo idioma de Bolivia que es el QUECHUA. Por eso la radio Yura es "La Voz de los Ayllus", y transmite también en este idioma."
Rolf Wikström, Sweden, in Shortwave Bulletin, June 2000

Email QSL
A nice-looking but rather vaguely worded multicolour e-mail diploma (80.5 kB) has been received from Rolando Cueto of Católica Televisión, in Potosí, founder of R Yura (4716.8). His e-mail address is

Postal delivery seems to be working OK, too. Just be sure to write the address as
Radio Yura,
Provincia Quijarro,
Departamento de Potosí,

Radio Yura was heard on July 9, 2000, with an interesting program for foreign listeners, called: Yura , ayer y hoy.
In it they mentioned various things related to the town of Yura, for instance that Yura dates from the Spanish colonial era whenit was a place where silver from the neighboring mines was stockpiled before it was sent to Spain.
Present-day Yura has electricity and drinking water facilities around the clock and that there is telephone availability through a local telephone station.
To reach the town, there is a daily bus service from Potosí.
The population is very friendly, but there are no hotels. Instead tourists may ask local families for a night´s lodging or two.
The programme was dedicated, they said, to listeners in Europe and Asia that had writting in. They did not give any names but said that they had received letters from Sweden, Finland, Holland and Belgium. They did not mention any country in Asia but they were probably referring to Japan.
They also mentioned that the program will be aired every Saturday at 8 pm local time, UTC Sunday 0000.
Rafael Rodriguez, Colombia, Conexion Digital, July 2000
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