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  Centro Radiofónico de Imbabura, 3380 kHz  DX news
C.R.I. Internacional, Ibarra, heard 30 Dec 2001 at 1125 on 3380.07 kHz.
This date for the first time I heard the station announce their short wave frequency and the ID which probably will be used on short wave when they are not in // with medium wave 1230 kHz:
"C.R.I. Internacional, Ibarra".
On mdium wave 1230 kHz they are called "C.R.I. Centro Radiofónico de Imbabura".
They ask for reports to C.R.I. AM, Calle Rio Chinchipe 396, Los Ceibos, Ibarra, Ecuador.
The DJ said that all listeners will get a special gift if reporting the station on short wave before 31 Jan 2002. In that case they must start broadcasting! Transmitting is very sporadic at the moment.
Björn Malm, Ecuador, hcdx partner SWB, 30 Dec 2001

Centro Radiofónico de Imbabura, CRI, in Ibarra, Ecuador has been heard on 3380.07 kHz on Dec 8, 2001 at 0000.
The station must be new on shortwave, correct me if I am wrong.
I have heard the station on this frequency a few times during the last week with "semi-religious" programmes -- and thus thought that it was Radio Chortís in Guatemala. And lazy as I am, I didn´t wait for and identification...
On this day they happened to have nonstop cumbia music in a hot tempo, a musical style that does not fit for Guatemala. The programme was called "Al aire", and ended at 0005, at which time the station ID came as a total surprise:
"Escuchan C.R.I., Centro Radiofónico de Imbabura, transmitiendo en 1230 kilociclos desde la ciudad de Ibarra".
Jingle: "C.R.I. Radio - la diferencia en radiocomunicación".
I have phoned a listed number several times, +593 06 955-897, but got no answer, as I really want to check if they will continue their transmissions on shortwave. So far no shortwave frequency has been heard announced on the air.
A few months ago I was staying in "Chachimbiro", a small health resort not far from Ibarra. On WRTH:s behalf I checked the activity of MW stations in the province of Imbabura. I found that 10 mediumwave stations were on the air -- "C.R.I. Radio"-1230 kHz was one of the active.
Björn Malm, Ecuador, hcdx partner SWB, 8 Dec 2001
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