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The Australian 1 metre loop

By Werner Funkenhauser

Back in August 1988, I needed some filler material for my column "Mediumwave International" so I reprinted a previous article.
I finally got around to scanning this column article but I've only scanned the last page. It should still give you a good idea of the antenna's design and construction.
The article originally appeared in the July '85 edition of DX Ontario under "Antenna Projects" and came to ODXA courtesy of Michael Harla of Vineland, New Jersey. It really originated with Radio Australia.

This is the same loop that allowed me to hear Buenos Aires-870, Quito-880 and Tahiti-738, not to mention numerous TAs and Pan American DX from my apartment location in Guelph, which is in southwestern Ontario.

(Below a view of a similar loop, presented by Radio Nederland.) Click here for larger image.

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