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A simple anti-static device

By Shawn Axelrod

With all the wire you have out, you may run into a problem with static buildup on the antennas. This static may try to make its way into your receiver, causing you major problems and damage that can run into a lot of money.
In an effort to keep this static under control, you can build a simple device that is described below. I have one on my receiver at all times, whether or not I am on a DX'pedition. This static can build up in any season, so do not think of it as a summer problem. Snow blowing across your antenna can build up large amounts of static.
This unit will not protect you against lightening, however, you should not be out in a lightening storm DX'ing in the first place. It is too dangerous to your equipment and, more important, to you.

Materials needed
1 - Metal box about 2" x 3"
1 - Neon bulb NE-2
1 - 10K resistor
1 - .01 micro farad capacitor, 500 volts or higher
2 - SO-239 coax connectors, or equivalent connectors, depending on your rig
1 - Small solder lug

Drill holes to mount your SO-239 connectors in opposite ends of the box.
Mount your connectors and attach the solder lug to any screw you wish.
Solder the capacitor to the centre of each SO-239.
Solder the resistor to the centre of one SO-239 and to the solder lug.
Solder the neon bulb to the centre of the same SO-239 and the solder lug.
Remember to keep all leads as short as possible.

Attach the end of the box, without the resistor and neon bulb, to your receiver. You can use a double male PL-259 if you used SO-239's.
Attach the end with the resistor and neon bulb to your antenna.
Make sure you hook the box up correctly or neither your receiver nor the device will work as well as they should.

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