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How to fix electrical fence noise

Al, W8FAX: Anyone have any success with electric fence noise? How can I null out or eliminate the "pulsing"?.
Walter Dufrain - K5EST: Electric fence noise is "fixable" but you have to check every wire splice for a bad/loose connection, check every insulator, ground connection, and especially the "gate" handles (the insulated handle that allows you to unhook the gate area, walk through then re-hook the gate.)
These handles give me the most trouble since they are just hooked to a wire loop and the wire will oxidize and allow just a small spark.
I use an portable AM radio tuned to a clear spot on the band and take advantage of the ferrite rod's direction finding help, then also with a field strength meter (almost any kind will do the job) walk the electric fence.
This should allow you to find the sparky spots and get them fixed. Also, rain, dust, snow, ice, weeds, tall grass will all help you find the noise sparks.

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