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MFJ-1026 phaser compared to ANC-4

By Patrick Martin, USA
hcdx list, August 27, 2000

I recently borrowed an MFJ-1026 unit to try and cancel some unwanted noise. Well, since the unit arrived there has been no noise...
But in comparing the unit with the ANC-4, the MFJ unit is fantastic!
The ANC-4 unit does a decent job in phasing out unwanted signals, but operating the ANC unit is so touchy and hard to really get a perfect null on a signal especially the locals.
I find the MFJ unit much easier to use and works much better. As many of you read, I was able to phase out 50 KW KGO with an ERP of about 500 KW north, at 550 miles, to hear little WHB with 5 KW nights. That is quite a feat, even with beverages.
Anyone who has heard KGO in the NW knows they are a "powerhouse" Back in the 70's KGO even came in number 2 in the Portland ratings, so many people listened to them.
Anyway, tonight I was phasing out KSWB-Seaside-840 khz, located 7 miles south runing 500w ND. It is easy to hear other stations under them at night. No big deal.
However, generally stations to the east as easy to hear like KMAX-Colfax, WA, or even Las Vegas, NV, with 50 KW at times. But tonight I was able to totally null out KSWB using my Northern Beverage and a vertical to hear at S9/20DB on the Drake R8, CJXX-Grande Prairie, Alberta, that doesn't put much signal this way.
When KSWB used to be off at midnight, CJXX was common off the northern Beverage, but never strong.
A bit later I went over to another local, KVAS-1230-Astoria-1KW at 6 miles, and wiped them out getting KZZR-Burns, OR, on top. Butte MT on 1370 by phasing KAST at 4 miles.
I also have heard Gresham OR on 1230 mixing with KVAS during the day.
This MFJ unit works!
Works well too.
Of course with all my the antennas, beverages I use I can get quite a combo for phasing which makes it nice, too.

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