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By Earl Cunningham, K6SE
Topband Antenna mail list, October 18, 2000

A specific length for a Beverage antenna is not "optimum" unless it is the length where the signal in the air and the signal in the wire are 90 degrees out of phase. This "optimum" length is about 2 wavelengths, depending on the velocity factor in the wire. Beverage antenna gain will decrease if one goes beyond this length.

However, going beyond this length will improve the antenna's F/B and F/S ratios, perhaps improving its S/N ratio. I feel that Ford's tables would be much more useful if they included the S/N ratio of the antenna as its length increased. To do so, both the antenna gain and its pattern would have to be taken into account.

The goal on the low bands is to have an antenna with a good receive S/N ratio. That antenna is not necessarily the one with the most gain.
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