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George, K0FF
Top Band mailing list, May 24, 2000

I have tried fence wire, and it does work AOK, but in this climate (NE MO) it seems to break a lot more than the 18Ga stranded electric wire that I settled on (inspection of broken ends indicates metal fatigue).
The small Ga. soft copper does stretch, and I have to re-tension it once in a while, but I like it because it because no real damage is done if a tree limb falls on it.
The 500 footer (135 degree) and the 300 foot vertical Beverage (180 degree-3Y0PI) off the bluff are made from 10Ga. as they have to support their own weight for the entire run.
I also always install a "weak link" at both ends, that will easily break, and spare the Hub box , just in case someone snags the main run with a tractor or delivery truck or something.
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