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Discussion on Top Band Antenna list, June 2000

W8AV: I have strung my two wire beverage through the woods with no problems.
Like others mentioned I also use the electric fence insulators and simply nail them to the tree in question.
If you use the 450 ohm ladder line for the beverages, it fits nicely under the lip of the insulator after it is nailed to the tree.
Since we don't get the serious New England snow in Ohio I hang my beverages 8 - 10 feet up.

Peter Hutter, WW2Y: I and N2NU use screw eyes in trees to support the beverage wire.
The wire is only anchored at feedpoint and termination ends of the antenna. For tree supports in between the ends of the antenna, the wire just goes through the screw eyes so that the wire can slip back and forth from oscillating trees, caused by winds.
We use runs between supports up to 200 feet using #14 THN copper wire with great success from this method.
We tried electric fence insulators in the past, but got tired of fixing broken spans all the time, even using copper clad steel wire.
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