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What rope to best suppport wire antenna?

Discussion on
March, 2000

Question: Any suggestions re the best outdoor rope to be used to support a wire antenna?

Al, N2NKB: I have learned my lesson the hard way regarding white plastic wire ties. UV is tough on white
plastics. So I am overly sensitive to white colored rope.
I have used cheap cotton rope for at least 7 years, and have had no problem with that except for hungry squirrels.
Nylon rope has also held up successfully for me. No rodent problem. My next run would be nylon.

Kevin Alfred Strom: I like the dark green dacron type sold at many hamfests. Even the 1/8-inch variety lasts for years and stands up to windstorms quite well.

Greg Renner: Mine are supported by nylon rope. Nylon has nicely withstood many Minnesota winters and our sometimess very hot summers without problems.

KC7NOD: The Dacron (polyester) is the best from a UV resistance standpoint but Nylon will hold up fairly well and it has the advantage of more stretch so it absorbs wind/tree swaying stress better.
Hear in Seattle, UV resistance is not a factor. I have one antenna that is suspended by wire ties (these are notorious for giving up due to UV damage) and it has been up for over three years.

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