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More great audio programs

RecAll Pro
Guido Schotmans, Belgium
HCDX mailing list, 6 January 2003

You should note that neither Total Recorder nor any of the other virtual recorders about which we know does continuous time-stamping like several of the MD recorders do. There are running indications (in minutes and seconds) of how far you are into the recording, as well as its total play-back length.
If you allow Total Recorder to save the recording automatically, the default title is the time and date of the end of the recording. The lack of absolute date-stamping does not seem to be much of a problem in practice.
RecAll Pro is doing that for you. It's a tiny little recorder that continuously time and date stamps recordings.
Furthermore it has a Vox (voice-activation). That means that you don't have to strangle with setting the times of the receiver and once again that of the recorder. RecAll records only when there is audio available at the line-in and stops when there is no audio. You can activate settings to start a new file every time when there is audio available again and file names can have a date prefix if you want.
There's also the non-Pro version but I recommend the Pro. Both can be tested during 15 real use days (not calendar days).


Guido Schotmans, Belgium
HCDX mailing list, 6 January 2003

Ergo is a real nice program, but I advise you also to take a look at RxWings.
It's Freeware and works with the AR7030 from AOR, the NRD-535(D) from JRC and the RX320 from Ten Tec!
Ergo looks nicer but RxWings doesn't need correct frequency tuning for displaying.
What's also nice is that you can tune the receiver while the PC tracks what station you are tuned to (The 'snapping' range can be modified). And let's hope that there will be a new MW-ILG in the near future as mentioned on Bernd Friedewalds's site.
There is also a possibility to do a spectrum scan. This is probably worthless compared to the DX-Radar but the nice thing about RxWings is that the source code is open. So if you have programming skills it might be possible to 'convert' the spectrum scanner into a DX-Radar.

CoolEdit 2000 and SR5

John Wilke, WB9UAI
HCDX mailing list, 5 January 2003

If I may suggest two other software titles worthwile to look into: CoolEdit2000 for audio recording, and SR5 for audio DSP.
CoolEdit has a graphical image of the audio file that allows easy editing of a whole night's recording. It also has excellent filtering, and stretching capabilities.
SR5 is indispensible for LW beacon dxing with amazingly sharp filter skirts and notch filters making it possible to separate two CW signals that are only a few 10hz apart.