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Any limits on getting a QSL?
Solomon Islands is a good example of why I think DXers should show some more restraint in their quest for QSLs.
This country is broke. Many public servants have not been paid for several weeks. Basic services are in disrepair. Law and order has broken down.
The staff of broadcasters such as SIBC probably have much greater worries than responding to letters from people overseas asking for QSL cards or letters. Their daily survival and that of their families and their broadcasting organisation is of understandably greater concern. It is through their professionalism, commitment and courage that their station remains on air.
When DXers get replies from broadcasters in such circumstances, it is no doubt out of courtesy - not the fact the staff have vast resources and time to respond to mail from listeners overseas. That is, of course, assuming the mail gets through in the first place (in both directions).
I think the practice of beseiging broadcasters with follow-up reports over periods of years simply to get that elusive QSL for a reception long gone and forgotten is somewhat dubious.
This is not to discourage the practice of QSLing, but simply to point out the constraints that many stations face in responding. When they do, appreciate the trouble they have gone to. When they don't, try to reflect on the reasons why.
That so many stations still do take the time to respond should be recognised for the courteous and generous act it is.
Matt Francis, Australia, 15 Jan 2002, ARDXC via DXLD

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