Hard-Core-DX.com: Glenn Hauser logs March 8-9, 2021

Glenn Hauser logs March 8-9, 2021

Tuesday, March 09 2021

** MEXICO. Re 770, XEFRTM, Zacatecas, here`s another report of it just

``770 MÉXICO XEFRM , Fresnillo. MAR 28 0453 – fair mixing
with CHQR/KATL/KKOB while local KTTH was having automation problems.
Sounded like Fútbol game, or highlights from an earlier game. IDed
with the help of James Niven who confirmed this was //"W Radio"
outlets XEX-730 and XEW-990 . This is a new 25 kW "W Radio"
outlet that's been on the air for a few months. [BP-WA] BRUCE PORTZER,
Seattle WA. Perseus receiver with terminated outdoor 10'x40' delta
loops`` (DXWW edited by Brandon Jordan who is retiring and a successor
is needed, IRCA DX Monitor March 13, published March 8)

** SPAIN [and non]. 9690, REE frequency for N America, is still down -
nothing at 2203 check March 8 tho Europe propagates e.g. 9420 Greece.
There are signals from the other three Noblejas transmitters, 12030,
11940 and even 11685, always the weakest for Africa vs RTTY 11687.5,
presumably NAU Puerto Rico. So another token English broadcast is
likely missed for us at 2300-2330 Monday but not checked then.
However, by 0154 UT March 9 at Bonaire TWR SDR, 11940 thataway is
S8-S9, nothing on 9690 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 1040, re `Red Eye Radio` heard under WHO must be the only
RER affiliate listed, WYSL, Avon NY --- the following may be more
likely, from Greg Hardison on the WOR iog:

``"``Red Eye Radio``, the competing slightly more rational? national
talkshow..." --- I believe WHBO is carrying this also on 1040 with a
24 hr ND signal under STA; I've noticed the RER website is somewhat
pitifully non-updated in its allegations of affiliates listed. RER is
indeed about as "rational" as blind, deaf, dumb, mindlessly
unquestioning obsequious groveling worship of Trump ever gets.``

WHBO is in Pinellas Park FL, when not STA, nominally U2 3600/420
watts, per NRC AM Log, NWS/tlk, only net shown with WW1. But RER is
part of Westwood One, as on their program schedule
at 1-5 am weekdays, 1-6 am weekends - EST, soon shifting to EDT =
05-09 & 05-10 UT respectively. Supposedly only 105 watts per:

Letter from FCC on file dated February 19, 2021:

``This is in reference to the request filed on February 11, 2021.
Genesis has requested a further extension of the STA granted on August
28, *2006*, as modified to continue operating ND at night with reduced
power to allow time to file the required FCC Form 301 application to
propose a new two tower nighttime array (due to the past removal of
one of the nighttime towers).1

In support of the request, Genesis stated that it plans to file the
application to propose a new nighttime two tower directional antenna
pattern within the next 30 days. [...]

Accordingly, the request for extension of the STA IS HEREBY GRANTED,
and Genesis may continue to operate ND at night with a maximum of
0.105 kW using the daytime site tower, with no change to the licensed
daytime operation. Genesis must reduce nighttime power or cease
operation if complaints of interference are received, and use whatever
means are necessary to protect workers and the public from exposure to
radio frequency radiation in excess of the Commission’s exposure
guidelines. See 47 CFR § 1.1310. This authority expires on August 18,
2021. Sincerely, [signed] Joseph Szczesny, Engineer, Audio Division,
Media Bureau`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 1510, March 9 at 0023 UT, S9+10/20 of dead air suppressing
sound from understation presumed WLAC; i.e. this is another screwup by
KCTE, DFed from the NE direxion of Independence MO. Well at least this
post-sunset daytimer is not off-frequency and not modulating: two out
of three, how bad is that? (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** VENEZUELA [non]. 7500, March 9 at 0148, zero signal into Bonaire
SDR from ROCV. Was yesterday its only test day? Not on ex-6906 nor
ex-6200 either. What be next?

7495, I do notice however, some language S7 aside 7500. EiBi shows
it`s VOA Radio Ashna in Pashto to Afghanistan via KUWAIT (Glenn
Hauser, OK, WOR)

This report dispatched at 0538 UT March 9