Hard-Core-DX.com: Radio Mi Amigo, 6085, Kall Krekel still out of the air due to floods

Radio Mi Amigo, 6085, Kall Krekel still out of the air due to floods

Monday, July 19 2021

Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spaiin

GERMANY, 6085, Kall Krekel, Radio Mi Amigo International still out of
the air due to heavy rain and floods in Germany, checked at 0705 and
later, 18-07, no signal, but 6005, Kall Krekel, on air at 0713-0724,
18-07, with continuous interval signal. Also on air past days with
German comments and interval signal.

Here is the news of 6085 kHz transmitter floods damage in the Radio Mi
Amigo website:

"6085 kHz Shortwave off the air due to water damage in Germany
Unusual heavy rainfall from the past days did a lot of damage in parts
of Limburg (NL), Belgium and unfortunately also in the German Eifel

This very sad picture, shows some of the transmitter equipment in our
Sende Zentrum in Kall-Krekel, where water seems to have entered the
broadcast bunker.
A potential disaster for this unique broadcast centre (see video here)
from where Radio Mi Amigo's Shortwave 6085 kHz signal has been
transmitted uninterrupted, daily, ever since 2016.
Our 6085 TX is on a different (higher) level, but all transmitters in
the facility had to be shut off, due to the water in other parts of the
bunker affecting vital electrical power circuits.
Christian Milling of ShortwaveService estimates all transmissions from
the Sendezentrum (such as 6005 kHz, 3985 kHz, FM Radio 700 and others)
may even be down for a few weeks.
We hope the damage can be controlled, as there is a lot of unique
vintage equipment in the early-60s cold war atomic bunker.
We wish our friends in Kall-Krekel the best of luck containing the
damage and hope things can be fixed and repaired soon. "

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