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Weiner ready to launch offshore radio

Allan Weiner, WBCQ, is ready to launch his long planned offshore radio.

Allan Weiner, General Manager of American radio station WBCQ, has announced that they will start an offshore radio station on shortwave.
"The station will go on the air soon," Weiner said at the Kulpsville annual radio meeting.
The station is "licensed to Belize" and will, according to Weiner, broadcast from any "friendly nation". The programmin will consist of relays from WBCQ as well as other stations.
The broadcast ship has long been moored in Boston harbour, where it still is.
They have financing ready for this already, and the actually deal were struck March 10.
Kari Kivekäs , hcdx live from Kulpsville, March 10, 2001

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Weiner: It will be a busy summer
The M/V Katie, named for Scott Becker`s daughter, will be equipped for SW broadcasting, outfitted this spring in May and June, tour the east and Gulf coasts in July, including Portland and Florida, and then go to Belize this summer. It will be fully capable for remote broadcasting via WBCQ at first, and later SW transmitters will be installed, perhaps 20 kW maximum.
No problems are anticipated from the FCC or in licensing by Belize, for which it will be partly used, 100% legal. We have owned it since 1993.

The key word here is "radio fun", a project to promote SW, not for profit like the previous ship broadcasting ventures.
The financial backers are anonymous.
The ship has been in storage in Boston Harbor since 1987; it would have been better suited than the Electra for the previous project, but the Electra was already outfitted for radio. The Katie is an able vessel, previously used for offshore fishing, and is in good shape, about 65-70 feet long, but beamy, wider than normal. It has a brand new engine, but is also a sailboat with 60` mast which will be useful for antennas.
Generator and transmitter need to be installed. This may be water-cooled, with a keel cooler, so very compact and efficient.
We have a number of volunteers to staff this and WBCQ; the Monticello site has trailers and campers where people stay.
It will be a busy summer.
Allan Weiner, DX Listenening Digest, March 13, 2001

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