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Alternative to coax feed line

I have about ~100 feet of wire just outside the windows of the Apt. I feed this in via a coax cable. We have double pane, aluminum windows. Quite nice for keeping out sound and keeping in heat (or keeping in coolth) depending on the season.
Anyway, to get this signal from the coax under the window, I can't just drill a hole in the aluminum window in the bedroom and snake a wire through it. Well, actually I could, but the landlord would be upset. Quite upset.
So, to get the signal under the window, I use a strip of ribbon cable, first wrapped in typing paper, then wrapped in one layer of aluminum foil, then one layer of plastic (all for insulation/waterproofing). This is then wrapped up in one layer of duct tape.
I've found that the aluminum foil/silver duct tape is very good in blocking out all the RF that's around. Hook everything up, cover with your favorite RF resistant material (duct tape). Open the window, put the ribbon cable coax in, close the window and lock it.
RF goes away, and you get a nice, quiet signal...
Dan,, via November 2002
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