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A simple active antenna

Active antennaThis circuit shows an active antenna that can be used for AM, FM, and shortwave (SW).
On the shortwave band this active antenna is comparable to a 20 to 30 foot wire antenna.
This circuit is designed to be used on receivers that use untuned wire antennas, such as inexpensive units and car radios.
L1 can be selected for the application. A 470uH coil works on lower frequencies ( AM ). For shortwave, try a 20uH coil.

The unit can be powered by a 9 volt battery. If a power supply is used, bypass the power supply with a .04uF capacitor to prevent noise pickup.
The antenna used on this circuit is a standard 18" telescoping type.
Output is taken from jack J1 and run to the input on the receiver.

Source: "Popular Electronics" Magazine, July, 1989.
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