[HCDX]: Power os RSL-stations
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[HCDX]: Power os RSL-stations

Martin Elbe wrote:

> However, keep in mind, that one Watt does not mean, that they have to
> use a one Watt transmitter, it's just the ERP. AFAIK the RSLs are using
> transmitter-powers of 20-50 Watts. The antenna system is restricted to a
> maximum height of 10m, and that should result in one Watt of ERP only,
> as the antenna is much to short for the wavelength. Perhaps somebody
> with a deeper insight into the license-conditions can help. Alan?

Here is a quotation from a verification letter received from Stoke-
Mandeville Hospital Radio.

"Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio has been broadcasting to the patients and
staff of Stoke Mandeville Hospital since January 1998.  You may be
interested in the following details of our transmissions:

	Transmitter site:			Grid reference SP 829 117
	Height of site above sea level:		90 metres
	Audio processor:			Inovonics 222-02AM
	Transmitter:				Radica AM50   50 Watt
	Aerial:					Radica AE50   10 m
	Power:					1 Watt EMRP
	Frequency:				1575 kHz AM

Stoke Mandeville is about 2 km from the centre of Aylesbury, the historic
county town of Buckinghamshire.  The hospital at Stoke Mandeville is
particular well known in Britain for its National Spinal Injuries Unit,
which has been treating patients with spinal injuries for over 50 years.

Yours sincerely

Chris Long

So they are using a 50 Watt transmitter but ERP is only 1 Watt.
When I heard this stn in March 1999 at sunrise time the signal 
was very weak, barely 1 S-unit, but the audio was clear and loud.  This
indicates that they are using heavy audio compression, at least 20 dB.
This is my estimation.  Does anyone know more?

Jorma Mantyla
Kangasala, Finland
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