[HCDX] 11725 kHz - R. Marumby/Nova de Paz, Curitiba (B)
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[HCDX] 11725 kHz - R. Marumby/Nova de Paz, Curitiba (B)

I am a bit confused of what I read in WRTH:

11725 Radio Novas de Paz, Curitiba
          Radio Marumby, Florianopolis

What I actually heard last night:
- a religious station with IDs (at :00 and :30) like:
"Radio Marumby de Curitiba ...... Radio Nova de Paz ondas curtas 25, 31 y 49

So it seems Radio Novas de Paz has a common program with Radio Marumby
(Curitiba) 730 kHz.

And something more: WRTH says the station signs off at 2100 UTC. Last night
(MAY 12) I heard it until 2203* UTC.

I think I heard "Nova" three times instead of "Novas" what is listed (?)...


Karel Honzik
the Czech Republic

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