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[HCDX] RNZI Mailbox - 1ZM Auckland joins Mosquito Network 1944

Radio New Zealand International Mailbox
1ZM Auckland joins the Mosquito Network, April 1944

    In the first of a new series about radio heritage in the Pacific, David Ricquish takes listeners back to 1944 during the Mailbox program this coming week.
    In April 1944, 1ZM Auckland joined the Mosquito Network of the American Forces Radio Service. You'll hear the original opening announcements, the speeches, the DJ's and some of the great 'big band' music of the era in this unique radio documentary using long forgotten recordings from the RNZ Sound Archives and original research from the Radio Heritage Foundation.
    These 60 year old recordings are the only known example of a WWII American Expeditionary Service (AES) station signing on their daily broadcast, and were cut live in the studio as the broadcast took place. 
    You'll hear excerpts from GI Journal, Command Performance and the 290th Army Band, the Hon.Peter Fraser (NZ Prime Minister), as well as each of the 'hipcat' announcers who brought a taste of American home town radio to the South Pacific, and a complete listing of Mosquito Network stations.
    These recordings have not been heard for over 60 years, and are played exactly as they were heard on 1ZM Auckland, 1260kc at a time when the island hopping campaign towards Japan was about to get underway.
    Great music, a unique historical event, and wonderful listening for everyone interested in radio heritage. 
    A Real Audio version of the program will be available on-line at www.rnzi.com in the audio-on-demand section for Mailbox..

Warm regards
David Ricquish
Radio Heritage Foundation
PO Box 14339
Wellington, New Zealand.
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